Studio Cypher

Studio Cypher makes the world a better place through games. You’ll find our work in hospitals, museums, conferences, and homes. Using the right tools for the job — be it cutting edge technology or pencil and paper — we use fun to create lasting change.

Transforming Lives

Games have a remarkable power to educate and encourage healhy behavior. Our successes range from increasing cooperation at an academic conference to radically changing how surgery patients view and participate in their physical therapy.

Trusted Partners

We create our games in partership with educators, medical professionals, researchers, and civic minded organizations. Our work derives from a combination of their expertise and our technical and design know-how.

Custom Work

We have a combined 36 years of experience creating interactive experiences. We work directly with you to clarify your needs and craft a game that achieves your goals.

Wellplay Health screenshot

Wellplay Health

A body-tracking game for stroke victims that turns physical therapy from a boring task into a challenging goal.

Sonodoc screenshot


A web-based test of a physician’s knowledge of when and how to use sonograms. Created for Standford’s Continuing Medical Education program.

Ancient Americas game screenshot

Ancient Americas Innovation Games

Six games that teach players about innovation in ancient times. Created for The Field Museum in Chicago.

Pre-made Solutions

Sometimes the work has mostly been done! We have a series of easily customizable projects that are just waiting for your unique content.

The Right Technology

Sometimes your project needs cutting edge technology and sometimes it needs pen, paper, and people. We work with everything from motion tracking hardware, HTML5, and mobile apps down to cardboard and stickers to provide a wonderful experience.

Timeline screenshot


A highly customizable, interactive timeline of information. Perfect for websites, museum exhibits, or corporate lobbies.

Quiz screenshot

Quiz Games

Test people’s knowlege with a quiz! We can customize our quiz game with your graphics and any number of questions.

Conference stickers photo

Stickers in Public: Conference

Increase mingling at your conference with our icebreaker game. Players high-five, bow, and hand out compliments to steal stickers and gain points.

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